Let’s talk about SHOP (SHOPIFY) and review SHOP and how well it’s moving based on the technicals.

Should we buy or sell SHOP (SHOPIFY) right now based on it’s price action?

technical analysis will allow you to notice critical support and resistance levels and give you an indication on where the stock might bounce or drop.

Depending on your investment duration, you might be a buyer or seller of SHOP (SHOPIFY). Watch the key levels on SHOP that we’ve outlined in this technical analysis prior to taking a position.

With our video analysis by reviewing the charts, technical analysis gives us the power and information on making the right trading decision on whether this stock is a buy or sell at the current market price.

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All of the stocks mentioned in this video along with any other videos we have are opinions and not investment, financial or legal advice. These videos are for general education, information, and entertainment. Do your own due diligence and consult with a registered financial advisor before taking any position since everyone has a different risk tolerance.

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