The UK tax cut and pound U-turn


The UK government reversed course on a tax cut, Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro defied expectations in the first round of election voting, and Credit Suisse is trying to reassure investors that rumours about its financial health are overblown. Plus, the FT’s James Kynge tells us how China’s property market crash is hurting local governments.

Mentioned in this podcast:

Pound and gilts gain after Truss changes course on 45p tax rate cut

Jair Bolsonaro’s ‘beef, bible and bullets’ coalition is here to stay

Brazil braced for tense presidential runoff between Lula and Bolsonaro

Credit Suisse CDS hit record high as shares tumble

How big is the capital hole at Credit Suisse?

China’s property crash: ‘a slow-motion financial crisis’

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